Supplementary mast for forklifts

What is a supplementary mast

A supplementary mast for a forklift is an attachment that allows the forklift to reach heights higher than it can typically access.

Thanks to these supplementary masts, it is possible to increase the lifting height capacity of the forklift by up to one meter.

Mastil suplementario cebria

Range of supplementary masts

Capacidad de cargaAltura
Modelosen kg a 600 mm de elevación (K) mmISO/FEMV mmL1 mmL2 mmH mmW1 mmW2 mmESP horizontal mmESP vertical abajoESP vertical arribapeso kg
Anchura adecuada para retráctiles
LFC 20-3002000300II50820112034355075030415540118
LFC 20-5005001020152031495680136
LFC 20-7007001220192032585830154
LFC 20-1000100015202520337201045180
Anchura adecuada para contrapesadas
LFC 20-3002000300II508201120343800100028415550138
LFC 20-5005001020152029495695156
LFC 20-7007001220192030580850174
LFC 20-1000100015202520327101065200
LFC 30-3003000300III5793012303431000120025465615138
LFC 30-5005001130163028540775194
LFC 30-7007001330203029620926212
LFC 30-1000100016302630307451150240

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