Forklift clamps

What are forklift clamps

Forklift clamps are an attachment that allows this vehicle to safely and efficiently handle any type of load .

Manufactured with great robustness and ergonomics , they provide the necessary load and tightening capacity for each application. They are designed to guarantee the integrity of the load to be handled, providing agility and simplicity in handling.

Forklift clamps​

Types of forklift clamps

At CEBRIÁ we have a clamp for every need. Consult our catalog and do not hesitate to contact us to discover the one that best suits each task.

Remember that the forklift clamps manufactured by us meet the most demanding requirements in terms of safety, robustness and usability.

Frame clamps

Bale clamps

Rotating Bale Clamps

Carton clamps

Foam rubber clamps

Slip-on arms for fork clamps

Drum clamps

If you need:

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  • To make any other query about forklift attachments.

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