Rollerforks are a forklift attachment designed for the movement of loads without pallets, using sliding sheets or traditional palletized loads.

Rollerforks facilitate the handling of sacks, jerry cans, drums, etc., providing an economical alternative to the use of push-pull systems.

However, when handling these loads on sliding sheets intensively, rollerforks are an excellent complement to push-pull systems.

Range of rollerforks

ModelosCap. carga/par en kg a 500 mm CCISO/FEMLongitud L mmAncho W1 mmAncho W2 mmC mmCGH mm Peso kg/par
RFC 15-11001500II11001608050378115
RFC 15-12001200325123
RFC 20-11002000II110021010060337147
RFC 20-12001200388155
RFC 24-11002400II110021010060332151
RFC 24-12001200383160
RFC 30-11003000III110031013060320255
RFC 30-12001200373270
Extra wide version for refrigerated containers (rollers wider)
RFCC 20-11002000II110027010060349160
RFCC 20-12001200385171
RFCC 24-11002400II110027010060349164
RFCC 24-12001200391176

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