What is a push-pull

A push-pull attachment for a forklift is a tool that enables the movement of palletless loads, using cardboard sheets instead. This represents both economic and space-saving advantages.


What is a push-pull for

Push-pull attachments not only enable the movement of palletless loads. They are also designed to extract loads from pallets and place them on shelves or on the floor using cardboard sliding sheets made for this purpose.

One of its many advantages is space optimization, both in storage and when loading trucks and containers.


Within the catalog of accessories and attachments for forklift trucks, Cebriá offers you a wide variety of this type of device. “We have a push-pull attachment for every need.” “With standard forks, without forks, or with rollerforks.

Discover the different ranges of push-pull that we develop at Cebriá, tailored for various applications and industries.




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