Reachforks G&R

G&R Reachforks applications

The RGE2 reachforks are part of the manual actuation range and have been designed to extend and retract independently. For this purpose, they have an inward and outward locking system that provides the required safety.

The extensive range of manually operated reachforks includes a slim line for lower-profile loads and another for standard pallet heights.

They are the ideal solution for occasional operations with loads deeper than usual, providing flexibility without making significant investments.

Range of reachforks G&R

ModelosLongitud L/K mmCap. de carga en kg a 600 mm ISO/FEMPara carretillas con cap. de cargaSección D1/D2xS mmC mmCGH1/CGH2 mmPeso kg/par
línea fina
G&R 17800/20017002A1,6 t132x4140230/260100
G&R 17800/400230/289100
G&R 171000/600314/412116
G&R 171200/800406/536136
G&R 24800/20024002A2,5 t132x4545220/275104
G&R 24800/400220/275104
G&R 241000/600318/405128
G&R 241200/800385/515135
línea estándar
G&R 20800/20020002A2,0 t132x5845254/280129
G&R 20800/400254/307129
G&R 201000/600343/427152
G&R 201200/800434/553174
G&R 201400/1000528/681197
G&R 30800/20030003A3,0 t132x5845237/262139
G&R 30800/400237/286139
G&R 301000/600323/403161
G&R 301200/800413/525184
G&R 35800/20035003A3,2 t132x6350239/262152
G&R 35800/400239/285152
G&R 351000/600324/398178
G&R 351200/800414/520202
G&R 351400/1000510/644226
G&R 50800/40050003A4,5 t165x6450241/290194
G&R 501000/600328/406226
G&R 501200/800417/528257
G&R 501400/1000509/653289

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