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Stablished in 1974, Cebriá, SL has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in the market of accessories and implements for forklifts.

With an engineering department and our own production capacity, we develop and manufacture a wide variety of accessories for all types of forklifts.

Development and Engineering


After-sales support

Design of accessories and attachments for forklifts
after sales support forklift attachments

Specialized in handling loads, our engineering team performs the necessary calculations to provide you with safe and efficient forklift attachments.

Our designs are certified and meet the safety requirements for all countries. In short, we are experts in designing forklift accessories for specific jobs.

In our factories, certified according to the UNE-EN ISO9001 standard, we guarantee that both the materials and the processes comply with the specifications dictated by the engineering area.

Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery, it is possible to obtain tolerances and adjustments that will result in highly efficient and precise attachments.

Approved welders are responsible for ensuring firm and robust joints. Once the attachment are mounted on the forklift, these joints will comfortably withstand the stresses and forces for which they were designed.

The attachments for forklifts designed and manufactured by Cebriá, SL have passed all the tests required by the most demanding regulations. For this reason, we offer you the direct guarantee of one of the main manufacturers of attachments on the market.

On the other hand, Cebriá, SL only works with first-line distributors . Companies with sufficient structure and knowledge of the forklift accessories industry, to advise and help you throughout the selection process and subsequent technical support .

Forklift attachments and accessories

Discover our extensive catalog of forklift attachments . We have a solution for every cargo handling need.

If you cannot find what you need, please contact us. We will surely be able to help you. Remember that we are manufacturers of forklift accessories for specific jobs.

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