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forklift work platforms
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What is the forklift work platform used for?

The forklift work platform is an implement specifically designed to lift people to a certain height.

These attachments are shaped as work platforms for carrying out, with maximum safety , maintenance, cleaning, etc.

They have a folding rear protection to be able to access small spaces. The floor of the forklift work platform is non- slip and has holes for the outlet of liquids.

Made of steel, the forklift work platforms are resistant and safe. Lacquered in yellow RAL-1003 with sloping black stripes around the perimeter.

They are attached frontally to the forks of the forklift, with an insurance to prevent possible slippage of the basket. .

forklift work platforms

Versions of the

forklift work platforms

  • Q: Load capacity at 500mm
  • D: Maximum section of forks
  • E: Maximum lifting height. This height is considered the maximum, so that the operator on the forklift does not lose sight of the operator on the platform.
  • Tool drawer included.
  • Adaptation for stacking and other measures, optional

Work platforms approved for forklifts

The work platforms for forklifts comply with the European Directive on machines 98/37/CEE and with the following harmonized standards (or parts thereof):

  • UNE-EN ISO 12100-1:2004
  • UNE-EN ISO 12100-2:2004
  • UNE-EN ISO 1726-1:1998
  • UNE-EN ISO 3834-2:2006
  • NTP 715

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