Reachforks REE2 Y RE4

Application of REE2 and RE4 reachforks

The REE2 and RE4 reachforks have been specifically designed for the handling of light loads in warehouses with narrow and double-depth aisles.

They are hydraulic-driven forks, allowing the operator to extend or retract them without the need to get off the forklift.

Additionally, these forks feature a slimmer profile for handling low-height pallets.

The REE2 model is open at the bottom. The base forks are protected by a wear-resistant band.

Range of reachforks REE2 and RE4

Cap. carga en kg/CC
ModelosLongitud L/K mmreplegadaextendidaISO/ FEMSección DxS mmC mmCGH1/CGH2 mmPeso/par kg
REE2 17800/4001700/6001700/6002A128/128x4040215/24090
REE2 171000/2001700/600290/310105
REE2 171200/800725/1400375/495116
REE2 24800/4002400/6002400/6002A131/131x4445220/275104
REE2 241000/2002400/600300/325121
REE2 241200/8001025/1400385/510135
RE4 321100/7503200/6001475/13003A161/169x4845328/486176
RE4 32 1200/8501325/1450369/554185
RE4 321350/10001100/1750433/660200

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