Multiple Fork Positioners

What is a multiple fork positioner

Some loads, for safe handling, require the use of more than two forks. It is also possible that more than one pallet needs to be moved simultaneously. This range of attachments for forklifts simplifies work and offers the versatility required for this task.

Double fork positioners with sideshift
Multiple Fork Positioners

A Forklift Multiple Fork Positioner, is an implement that allows the operator to adjust the separation of the various forks, depending on the type or number of pallets or the nature of the load. In addition, all this is possible without having to leave the forklift seat.

The positioner with external lsideshift also offers the possibility of side shift the load with the same device.

What is a fork positioner used for?

The fork positioners regulate the distance between the forks. They are implements that offer a increased productivity in the handling of palletized or non-palletized loads, using forklifts. Likewise, it is possible group or separate the forks on demand.

Thanks to its sideshift, themultiple positioners family also allows lateral movement of the load and adjustment of the separation of the forks from a single hydraulic control.

Cebriá fork positioners are extremely robust, which, together with their simplicity, guarantee a long life with very little maintenance.

Types of Multiple Fork Positioners

Within the catalog of accessories and attachments for forklift trucks, Cebriá offers you a wide variety of this type of device. We have a multiple fork positioner for every need.

In this way we help you reduce the costs of handling goods with forklifts, while improving safety and comfort in these tasks.

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