Reachforks for forklifts

Reachforks are the ideal attachment for safely working with especially long loads, allowing for easy maneuvering in narrow aisles.

Moreover, reachforks enable working in shelves with great depth or accessing palletized loads from the opposite side.

There are different versions available based on usage intensity or specific needs.

Horquillas extensibles

Types of reachforks

Within this range of forklifts attachments, you will find different models in two versions:

  • Hydraulic reachforks.
  • Manual reachforks


Hydraulic reachforks TRG2

Hydraulic reachforks TFG2

Hydraulic reachforks REE2 RE4

Hydraulic reachforks RG2 RG4

Hydraulic reachforks RGE2

Manual reachforks G&R

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