Reachforks RG2 Y RG4

RG2 and RG4 Reachforks applications

The RG2 and RG4 reachforks have been specifically designed for handling heavier loads in warehouses with narrow and double-depth aisles. For this reason, they have been endowed with the highest robustness in the range.

They are hydraulic-driven reachforks, with the RG2 having one cylinder per fork, while the RG4 mounts two cylinders per fork, providing greater load capacity and maneuverability.

RG2 and RG4 reachforks range

Cap. de carga en kg/CC
ModelosLongitud L/K mmreplegadaextendidaISO/ FEMPara carretillas con cap. carga hastaSección DxS mmC mmCGH1/CGH2 mmPeso/par kg
Diseño de 1 cilindro extra estrecho y mayor velocidad de trabajo
RG2 201100/7502000/600925/13002A1,8 t131/139x5745370/535150
RG2 201200/850825/1450415/605160
RG2 201350/1000685/1750485/710175
RG2 251100/7502500/6001150/13002A2,0 t131/139x5745350/508157
RG2 251200/8501035/1450395/580166
RG2 251350/1000855/1750460/680180
RGN2 301100/7503000/6001380/13003A 2,5 t131/139x6250375/525165
RGN2 301200/8501250/1450420/590175
RGN2 301350/10001025/1750485/695190
Modelo de alto rendimiento' 2 cilindros en cada horquilla
RG4 251100/7502500/6001150/13002A 2,0 t161/169x5745365/535180
RG4 251200/8501025/1450410/610190
RG4 251350/1000857/1750475/720210
RG4 351100/7503500/6001615/13002A/3A 3,2 t161/169x5745365/540180
RG4 351200/8501450/1450410/610190
RG4 351350/10001200/1750475/720210
RG4 451100/7504500/6002075/13003A 4,0 t161/169x5745345/510190
RG4 451200/8501850/1450390/575200
RG4 451350/10001550/1750450/685220
RG4 581200/8505800/6002400/14503A/4A 5,0 t161/169x6250390/566220
RG4 581350/10001990/1750455/670240
RG4 771200/8507700/6003180/14504A 6,0 t215/227x6850370/565345
RG4 771350/10002640/1750435/670375
RG4 1051200/85010500/6004300/14504A 8,0 t215/227x7660425/620405
RG4 1051350/10003600/1750440/610440

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