Rotators and load dumpers

What are rotators and load dumpers?

The rotators and load dumpers are implements for forklift trucks that allow this vehicle to handle and dump loads safely and efficiently .

The robustness and safety of this range of accessories, together with its features, make it ideal for companies such as fruit and vegetable cooperatives, chemical industries, etc., that require product transfer and dumping.

Rotators and load dumpers

Types of rotators and load dumpers

Within this range of accessories for forklift trucks you will find two large families:

  • Load dumpers.
  • Rotators or load dumpers.
The load dumpers are designed to turn normally palletized loads and adapt a large number of implements , forks and fork carriages.

The rotators or load dumpers are more focused on boxes, containers and various loads. on tables, reactors, etc. by forklift.

Rotators and load dumpers

Load dumpers for forklift trucks

Direct Drive load dumper

Load dumper with 360 rotation

Diaphanous load dumper with 360 rotation

Rotators or load dumpers for forklifts

Load dumper with 360 rotation

Load dumper with 180 rotation

Load tipper with prehensile arm

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