TFG 2 reachforks

Application of TFG2 reachforks

The TFG2 reachforks are designed for reach trucks and double-depth warehouses. This attachment provides a reduced turning radius of 50mm.

They are hydraulically driven, and having a single cylinder gives the forklift great agility and speed, while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Their advanced manufacturing technology ensures that the overlap between the base and the lower fork is 100mm less than in other models. This results in a shorter retracted length compared to standards, while the extended length remains the same.

Range of TFG2 reachforks

Cap. carga en kg/CC
ModelosLongitud L/K mmreplegadaextendidaISO/ FEMPara carretillas con cap. carga hastaSección DxS mmC mmCGH1/CGH2 mmPeso/par kg
TFG2 301200/9503000/6001150/15502A2,5 t131/139x6250435/675180
TFG2 301250/10001090/1650460/700185
TFG2 301300/10501025/1750495/730195
TFG2 301350/1100975/1850530/760200

Residual Capacity

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