The Company

CEBRIÁ is a Spanish company founded in 1973 dedicated to the manufacturing and selling of forklift attachments. As a national manufacturer, we offer a wide range of products aimed at satisfying the needs of a demanding and constantly evolving market, such as the handling of goods.

The different sectors of the industry where our products have application are paper, ceramics, beverages, construction , among others.

cebria workshop

CEBRIÁ designs and manufactures a wide range of standard attachments such as special ones, designed according to the needs of our clients. The design is carried out entirely by our Technical Office in direct communication with the client.

CEBRIÁ has the latest technology and means of control to guarantee the quality of our products. All the accessories we manufacture comply with the ISO 9000/2015 quality standard in addition to complying with the 2006/42 / CE directives .

Our structure and manufacturing capacity allows us to be a flexible company, capable of giving a quick response to our clients in the design, manufacture and delivery of our products.

CEBRIÁ has an official technical assistance service to give support to customers who demand a high quality after-sales service.

CEBRIÁ has a quality policy, which we share with you.

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Remember that we are manufacturers and we can serve you with all guarantees to offer you the solution on attachments and accessories for your forklift.

Find out how we can make your work easier and safer.

Feel free to contact us . Our technical team will be happy to assist you.

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