Goods without pallets with forklifts

The logistics sector is probably one of the most dynamic, every detail matters when it comes to maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. In some industries, despite using forklifts, the movement of goods without pallets is becoming increasingly common, a strategy that can offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency.

Benefits of the movement of goods without pallets

Cost reduction

The movement of goods without pallets presents several advantages for companies seeking to optimize their logistics operations. By eliminating the need for pallets, the cost associated with their acquisition and management is reduced.

Space optimization

By eliminating the use of pallets, it is possible to increase the payload in containers and trucks, while also optimizing space in warehouses.


In addition, the movement of goods without pallets allows greater flexibility in the storage and transportation of products, as it eliminates the restrictions imposed by the size and shape of standard pallets. This can be especially beneficial in industries where loads vary in size and shape, such as the food, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries.

Push-Pull: The solution for the movement of goods without pallets


Implements Push-Pull attachments are an essential device for the efficient movement of goods without pallets using forklifts. These devices are designed to attach directly to the load and, through a sliding blade, apply a pushing or pulling force, eliminating the need for pallets.

There are different attachments within the Push-Pull family, focused on addressing each need. From more intensive uses to less, with lateral displacements or without them, and with the possibility of adding roller forks to further streamline loading and unloading operations.

Reduction of logistic costs with Push-Pull attachments

In addition to improving operational efficiency, Push-Pull attachments can also help reduce total logistic costs. By eliminating the need for pallets, the costs associated with the acquisition, maintenance, and storage of these devices are eliminated, as well as additional transportation and handling costs.

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