Drums handling with forklifts

There are many companies that, at some point, need to work with drums, and even turn them over or carry out handling processes in their manufacturing line.

A loaded drum can weigh more than 300kg, so handling drums (lifting, transferring, handling or dumping) requires extreme safety measures and carrying out the different operations with caution.

In addition to their weight, some may contain dangerous substances such as acids or highly irritating products, which require even a extremely care in handling.

The use of forklifts to handle drums and containers is the most common method, but it is necessary to equip them with the appropriate implement to guarantee maximum safety.

Kind of drums

It is important to know the type of drum that we will have to handle, as well as if necessary, apart from moving it, emptying it, in order to choose the type of implement necessary for our model of forklift.

Metal drums

Manipulación de bidones con carretillas elevadoras

Steel drums are characterized by tread bands located along their body, which serve to improve their handling and provide them with greater robustness.

There are different sizes. From those with a capacity of only 25l, to those that can hold 220l.

Metal drums can be found in two different types:

Roll-top metal drums

Two caps metal drums

Plastic drums

bidones de plástico

Although its capacity ranges from 25l to 220l, the main difference is its geometry. They are either domed or fully cylindrical with no treads.

Likewise, plastic drums are found in two formats:

Plastic drums with roll-tap

Plastic drums with two taps

On the other hand, we have containers, IBC or GRG, but these are much easier to move, since they are equipped with a pallet at their base and with simple forks, and they can be handled with practically any forklift.

Types of implements for handling drums​

Once we know the type of drum that we will have to move, and if it will be necessary to empty it during the process, we can choose the ideal type of implement for our forklift.

It is also necessary to consider the frequency of use of the implement, if we are only going to make movements in the warehouse or we have to undertake the handling of the containers from the forklift.

Pinzas para bidones metálicosTransporte de bidones de acero (metal) de 220LSobre horquillas
100 kg
Postizos para envasesTransporte de bidones cónicos de plástico.Sobre horquillas
39 kg
Postizos frontales para bidonesTransporte, manipulación y volcado de bidones de plástico.Sobre horquillas
79 kg
Pinzas para bidones de plástico con volteo 360ºTransporte, manipulación y volcado de bidones de plástico.Sobre tablero188 kg
Pinzas para bidones con volteo de 180ºTransporte manipulación y volcado de bidones de acero (metal) y plástico. Hasta 178kgSobre horquillas179 kg

Drums handling with forklifts

When handling drums, whether steel or plastic, with forklifts, don’t risk it.

Always safety first. Consult our experts.

They will offer you the best possible advice without obligation, taking into account the forklift you are going to use, the drum or drums to be handled, as well as the degree of danger of the product they contain.

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