CEBRIA is a Spanish company, founded in 1973, dedicated to the manufacture of forklift attachments. As a national manufacturer, CEBRIA offer a wide range of products for different and demanding markets. Cebria attachments can be applied in diversified industrial products: paper, ceramics, drinks, construction, etc…

CEBRIA design and manufacture a wide variety of standard attachments and special attachment, designed on the requirements of our clients. All products are made within the engineering department in direct communication with the customer.

CEBRIA is certified according to the regulation NORMA DIN ISO 9000/2015, and our equipment meets the quality, security and technical documentation required by the current European Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.

 His structure and manufacturing capacity allow it to be a flexible company, able to provide a quick service to his customer in design, manufacturing and delivery of his products.

CEBRIA has an official technical assistance service to provide support to customers demanding an after-sales service of a maximum quality. Quality Products


Our priority is to satistafecer almost all the requirements of the client, applying the most current engineering innovation.


CEBRIÁ S.L. It is present in much of the world for its customers through its official distributors.


Cebriá has a professional certification, examined regularly by regulatory agents in the field.