How to Optimize Bulk Cargo Handling with Forklifts

From agriculture to construction, and spanning across the food and chemical industries, the need to transport large volumes of materials efficiently and safely is imperative. This is where forklifts come into play.

However, in these sectors, it’s common for certain loads to be bulk rather than palletized. This is where things get interesting. The possibility of using forklifts for bulk cargo handling is a very appealing option as it minimizes investment. But on the other hand, to maximize their performance and safety, it’s essential to consider the use of specialized attachments for these tasks.

Bulk Cargo Handling Attachments

movimiento de cargas a granel con carretillas elevadoras

There are various attachments designed for bulk cargo handling, such as sand, grain, etc.

The need to move this type of bulk merchandise may arise from the way it is supplied, which could mean regular tasks. Or it could be due to accidental spills, where the need is more sporadic.

Depending on usage frequency, weights, nature of the loads, etc., at Cebriá we have designed and manufactured various attachments.

These are the so-called forklift buckets, among which we have three different versions:

hydraulic buckets

Forklift buckets

Equipped with a hydraulic function operable from the driver’s seat (bucket movement), these buckets are mounted on the forklift’s board, remaining solid with it and close to the center of gravity, thus improving maneuverability and safety.

Hydraulic buckets on forks

Hydraulic buckets on forks

They also have a hydraulic function that allows loading and unloading the bucket without leaving the forklift seat. In this case, they are mounted on the forks, making installation very quick. However, the load is further away from the vehicle’s center of gravity, and they are intended for occasional tasks of bulk handling that must alternate with palletized cargo handling.

Mechanical buckets

Forklift buckets

This attachment is mainly suitable for very occasional occasions where performance is not a decisive factor, as the operator must leave the forklift to operate the bucket discharge system.

In any case, if your need involves these types of attachments, do not hesitate to request information from our technical team.

Advantages of Forklift Attachments for Bulk Cargo Handling

Forklift attachments are accessories designed to meet the movement needs of different types of cargo. In this post, we focus on bulk cargo, but there are endless attachments for specific loads. From drum clamps to tire handlers and even weighing systems. these attachments offer several advantages:

1. Versatility: Attachments allow forklifts to handle a wide variety of loads, from grain sacks to bulk chemicals, without the need to invest in much more expensive equipment.

2. Efficiency: By adapting to the characteristics of the load, attachments optimize the handling process, reducing the time needed to load and unload materials.

3. Safety: The right attachments ensure a firm grip on the load, minimizing the risk of accidents and damage to both the merchandise and the personnel and equipment involved in the operation.

If you need:

  • More information about this attachment.
  • Identify the most suitable attachment for your need.
  • Make any other query about forklift attachments.

Feel free to contact us . Our technical team will be happy to assist you.