Movement of goods without pallets


Goods without pallets with forklifts The logistics sector is probably one of the most dynamic, every detail matters when it comes to maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. In some industries, despite using forklifts, the movement of goods without pallets is becoming increasingly common, a strategy that can offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency. Benefits … Read more

Bulk cargo handling with forklifts

Forklift buckets

How to Optimize Bulk Cargo Handling with Forklifts From agriculture to construction, and spanning across the food and chemical industries, the need to transport large volumes of materials efficiently and safely is imperative. This is where forklifts come into play. However, in these sectors, it’s common for certain loads to be bulk rather than palletized. … Read more


Cebriá en The Logistics World en Mexico

“In conjunction with its 50th anniversary, Cebriá, a manufacturer of forklift attachments, will be present at one of the most important trade fairs in Latin America.” CEBRIÁ at LOGISTICS WORLD SUMMIT & EXPO Cebriá celebrates its 50th anniversary, and over these years, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of forklift attachments, not only … Read more

Cebriá celebrates 50 years

For five decades, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to excellence, prestige, quality, and professionalism in our task of manufacturing the finest forklift attachments. Our anniversary is a testament to our ongoing commitment to the total satisfaction of our customers. Over these 50 years, we have strived to exceed expectations by providing products of the … Read more

Fork protections

Genie Grips España

Fork protections At Cebriá, we have closed an agreement with Genie Grips for the distribution of fork protectors in Spain. This prestigious Australian company specializes in manufacturing safety elements for forklift attachments. While forklifts are ideal for the movement of goods, their use is not without risks Load Slippage Impacts and damage to goods Spills … Read more

Attachments for paper roll handling with forklifts

implementos para bobinas de papel

Attachments for paper roll handling with forklifts Forklifts are an essential tool not only for the logistics and transportation industry but also for manufacturing in general. These machines can move and transport goods quickly and efficiently. However, when it comes to handling paper rolls, a special type of forklift attachment is required. Attachments for paper … Read more

Hooks for forklifts

Crane hook on forks

Hooks for forklifts Hooks for forklifts are one of the many attachments available to improve the efficiency of forklifts in handling certain types of loads. Next, we’ll discuss the applications and advantages of using hooks for forklifts, as well as the available attachments for safely handling these types of loads What are hooks for forklifts … Read more

Handling of drums with forklift trucks


Manipulación de bidones con carretillas elevadoras Son numerosas las empresas que, en algún momento, necesitan mover bidones, e incluso voltearlos o realizar procesos de manipulación en su línea de fabricación. Un bidón cargado puede llegar a pesar más de 300kg, por lo que el manejo de bidones (elevación, traslado, manipulación o volcado) requiere extremar las … Read more

new distributor

Cebria Forklift Attachments is expanding in the Nordic Baltic countries, and can now offer its full range of grapples, rotators and other attachments for forklift trucks and industrial equipment. The Hagaberg company, a renowned manufacturer of industrial products, will act as the company’s exclusive distributor. Cebria Forklift Attachments has exclusively signed an agreement with the … Read more