Attachments for paper roll handling with forklifts

implementos para bobinas de papel

Forklifts are an essential tool not only for the logistics and transportation industry but also for manufacturing in general.

These machines can move and transport goods quickly and efficiently. However, when it comes to handling paper rolls, a special type of forklift attachment is required.

Attachments for paper roll handling with forklifts

Attachment for handling paper rolls are designed to ensure that the load can be transported efficiently and, above all, safely, both for the plant personnel and the paper roll itself.

These attachments vary in features, size, and capacity, and are adapted to different sizes of rolls, as well as to the nature of the paper.

Types of attachments for paper roll handling

Some of the most demanded attachments are:

Coil boom

This is the most basic attachment used for handling paper rolls, as well as other types of materials.

It consists of a horizontal arm or spindle that is passed through the core of the roll for transportation.

Paper roll clamps

This type of attachment uses a clamp-type gripping mechanism to secure the roll, which closes through a hydraulic system.

The clamps, properly attached to the forklift, are adjusted to the size of the roll for transport Paper roll clamps are the best option if you need to lift and transport rolls of different diameters. They also allow rotation, facilitating not only movement but also manipulation and placement on the production line.

Related to the paper roll clamps, we find versions with different capacities and widths, in order to offer maximum productivity to companies that move paper rolls and similar items.

Tissue paper roll clamps

This is a variant of the roll clamps mentioned above

Its particularity lies in a rubber coating that prevents the deterioration of this delicate paper during the manipulation of the roll.

Advantages of using attachment for paper rolls on forklifts

The main advantages of using an attachment for handling paper rolls are:

  • Efficiency in handling the load.
  • Safety for workers.
  • Reduction or elimination of deteriorated material.
  • High return on investment of the attachment.

Although it may seem obvious, the advantages of using this type of forklift attachment will depend on its proper selection. A good analysis of needs, residual capacity calculation, and proper training of operators are the starting points for such a choice.

Paper roll clamps attachment of forklifts

In conclusion, forklift attachments for handling paper rolls are essential tools for both the logistics and transportation industry and for manufacturing.

The different types of attachments are adapted to different sizes and weights of rolls, and provide a safe and efficient way to transport the load.

Accesorios para manejo de bobinas de papel con carretillas elevadoras

By choosing the right attachment, you can maximize productivity and ensure safety in handling paper rolls. Contact our technicians for the selection of the ideal attachment for your needs.

Contact our technicians to select the ideal implement for your need.

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