Accessories for forklifts

CEBRIÁ is one of the leaders in many countries in the world in the production of accessories for forklifts and forklifts.

In addition, we have a team specially dedicated to design custom accessories for different types of use required by our customers.

CEBRIÁ also has an extensive and fast spare parts program and a qualified after-sales service operating worldwide.

We have been working in the sector for 50 years, always fulfilling the expectations and quality demanded by all the companies that trust us.


Our products

As a national manufacturer we offer a wide range of products oriented to satisfy the needs of each client, we made it good.

Guaranteed quality

We work day by day, offering the most advanced solutions and incorporating in each of them, the values that identify us.

Design Department

We design and manufacture a wide range of products, as well as special accessories, specially designed for each client.